Membership: Is available to a individual and is restricted to one member per business and is not transferable. Membership is limited to one person per trade or professional category to lock out any competition. A member cannot represent more than one business.

Visitors: May attend a total of three (3) meetings as a guest of the group. Membership applications are available at all meetings. A visitor must summit a completed application form by the third (3rd) visit along with $75 (first three months dues) for membership committee approval. Any application for membership that is denied for whatever reason is considered final and non-negotiable, the $75 will be refunded. Visitors may not attend any additional meetings until notified of approval of application by the membership committee.

Attendance and Tardy Policy: Attendance is critical to the group. Effective networking only works when members are present to give and receive referrals. Members should come to all weekly meetings. However, a maximum of three (3) missed meetings in a 6 month period is allowed to over unforeseen events. The six month periods start Jan 1st and July 1st. Member will be noted as tardy if arriving after the meeting has been called to order.

Substitute: Members that cannot make a meeting should make arrangements for a substitute to represent them. A Sub can be anyone other than an existing member of your All About Referrals chapter. Subs should be knowledgeable of the members business and be prepared to give the members 60 second presentation. When a sub is used the member will be noted as present and avoid attendance/tardy points.

Meetings: All meetings start with a 15 minute open networking period. Members should arrive early to network and meet visiting guests and substitutes.

Membership Committee: Will give notice to a member when two (2) meeting have been missed within the stated period. When a member exceeds three (3) missed meetings, that membership position will be made open for new members to apply. Any member receiving a final notice of non-compliance by the membership committee will be taken off the groups listings and asked NOT to come to any meetings from that point on. If that position is not filled after three (3) weeks, the member can go back through the new member application process again, but membership is not guaranteed.

Dues: Can vary slightly from chapter to chapter, and must be paid in advance. The Secretary/Treasurer will keep track and collect monthly dues from the members. Failure to pay monthly dues will result in position being open.

Leadership Team: Are filled by election by the members. Positions are held till members vote to remove, replace or re-define those positions.


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