So you have decided to visit with All About Referrals and you have read that you need to have a 60 second commercial ready to go during the meeting. Panic has set in, right?

Well, don’t panic. Think of what you would say about your business if you only had a minute to get your message across. Simple words, stories, name of the business, your name, what your business does, what kind of referrals do you want, who do you want to have an introduction to?  This is what makes up your 60 second commercial.

This is an example of one that one of our member uses.

“Hi, my name is Elise and I was looking for a company that would allow me to recover some financial security for the present as well as for my retirement while helping others do the same.  I was introduced to the Shaklee Corporation and began using Shaklee’s natural nutrition products for better health, green cleaning products for me and the planet and other of their 300+ natural, green items. After realizing that Shaklee, America’s #1 Natural Nutrition Company had everything I was looking for in a business opportunity, I became involved in the business by becoming a Shaklee Independent Distributor.  The business side of Shaklee offers income, cars, a global business opportunity with a wide variety of products for everyone.”

“I am looking for introductions to local cardiologists as well as ob/gyns so I can introduce them to Shaklee’s Vivix Cellular Anti-Aging tonic.  Vivix works at the cellular level to help reduce oxidative stress.  With such a high anti-oxidant power, Vivix has been lowering blood pressure and helping post-menopausal women help maintain normal biological function and improves quality of life. So an introduction to your personal physician is appreciated.  I am Elise with Shaklee, Changing Brands can Change Your Life!”

Now go do your own!  Just tell your story of what you do and why, ask for a specific referral, telling why and relax!  Practice in front of the mirror with a timer so you keep it at or below 60 seconds. It is ok to bring a copy to read until you get it memorized. Create several and use them wherever you meet people! See you soon at All About Referrals.