All About Referrals — Networking Done Right!

Q:  Where does All About Referrals meet?
A: Presently there are 5 All About Referrals Chapters for you to visit.  There are more in development, so keep looking for more networking opportunities.  Maybe you will be the person to start a new AAR Chapter in your area. See the Contact Us page for more info on starting a new group.

Q:  Are the meetings free?
A: For visitors, the first two meetings are free, this give you time to determine whether this networking group is something that interests you and can help you in business.

Q: What does it cost to join?
A: Most chapter either ask that you pay a few months dues in advance or have a 1 time joining fee (no fee after that), this is chapter specific so make sure to ask your chapters leadership for details.

Q: What are the Membership, Application and Renewal Fees for All About Referrals?
A: There are NO Membership, NO Application and NO Renewal Fees for All About Referrals! NONE. There are only low monthly Chapter dues to cover the expenses of each individual chapter. So save some money, and join networking done the right way.

Q: What do these dues pay for?
A: Many things. The cost of renting the meeting room and coffee. Then any out of pocket expense such as the chapter may incur such as printing, web hosting etc.

Q: Is this a new group?
A: While All All About Referrals started in 2010, many of our members have been in networking group together for many years and are seasoned networkers.

Q: Will I get referrals at every meeting?
A: While it is possible, it is not likely you will get a referral at every meeting. It takes time for members to get to know you, and what you are looking for. Building trust is key to successful referrals.

Q: Do I have to bring referrals to every meeting?
A: While everyone would love for you to do that, it is by no means required. Everyone expects you to keep them in mind as you meet with people, but the occurrence of a referral may not come every week.

Q: Do I have to be invited to join or attend a meeting? 
A: Absolutely not! We welcome you to come by and say hello! Plus, we are a lot of fun to meet with!

Q: Are you associated with BNI, Chamber, or other networking organization?
A: No. While some of our members are prior members of other networking groups, this group has no affiliation with any other group or organization.

Q: Can anyone apply to join All About Referrals?
A: Yes and no. We only allow one member per profession per chapter. For example, only one Realtor may be a member of a chapter. Other than that, yes, anyone may apply to be a member. We ask for two references and membership has to be approved by our membership committee.

Q: How do I apply to join All About Referrals?
A: Come to a weekly meeting and pick up an application form. But remember, we are Category Specific.