All About Referrals was created by business owners for business owners and business associates to help make strong relationships with like-minded professionals and provide a means of continuous referrals. If you are looking for a way to grow your business while helping others, All About Referrals is a great group to join.

Our focus each week is to pass business to each other. Qualified referrals are the basis of our group. We make introductions to other businesses for the members. These introductions are an important part of the process.

We don’t pass leads, we pass referrals. The difference is that a lead is basically a cold call which we all can accomplish. A true referral is when a client of ours has a need for another service and we share with our client the member’s card and tell the client about the member. Then we let the member know about our client’s need and the process moves on from there. The resulting business may be a one-time opportunity or an ongoing source of income for the member.

Our having made the initial introduction is what is important in the process. We become a resource to our clients for other services. Valuable to our clients as well as our members.

While helping others, All About Referrals Members also polish our explanation of our own business in the form of a 60 second “commercial” about our business and what kind of referrals we are needing. This constant practice helps us focus on the best way to explain what we do, quickly and efficiently while asking for a referral.

Coupled with the 60 second commercial, we also get to do a Business Spotlight for 10 minutes on a rotating basis. The Business Spotlight is a great opportunity to show the other members in your chapter exactly what you and your business really do. Power Point presentations, films and other media products are encouraged.